Hey! We are Major Bueno and after a loud year of 2013 where we made one game each month, and a quiet year of 2014 where we took a break, we are ready for our next project: "Tour Bueno".
The "One Game A Month" year of 2013 was amazing, where we tried to make each of these games as different as possible. It kinda worked out, we came up with new ideas every month… but still, we have no clue how the process of finding ideas and being creative actually works. The only thing we know right now is that there isn't a clear path to follow to find a good idea.
But what to do when you don't come up with an idea for your next project?
We think the only way is to try it over and over again, to do what you love to do, to follow your passion - in our case making games. Trust your feelings and learn from others.
At least that's how it works for us. But how do other game developers create ideas?

We want to leave our gray office and seek a little bit adventure in traveling, meeting new people, old friends, new cities, countries, learn different manners… this is why the idea for "Tour Bueno" was born.

So we grab our notebooks, graphic tablets, toothbrushes, a couple of briefs, jump into a van and on january the 4th we start our journey through the European indie-game-scene. We meet eleven creatives and together with them we develop a game within 48 hours.
The indies show us their hometown, places they are inspired by and their individual approaches to finding new ideas.
Because this process isn't showable in the games and we want to share our adventures and experience with the world, a documentary team joins us on our trip.
The games and the episodes will be published here and on the website of our partner ARTE Creative, as we are on the road. Once we finished a game, the documentary episode will be edited... and all this will be uploaded a couple of days later.
Here are the facts: 9 Countries, 11 Citys, 11 Indies, 11 48h Gamejams, 11 documentary episodes and all this within 7 weeks. (It's gonna be crazy.)
Here on our page you will find information about the Indies we visit, the dates of each stop, the whole team behind "Tour Bueno" and of course the games and the episodes.
Follow us on Twitter or Facebook if your don't want to miss something.
The project is part of the subject area Interactive Media at the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg in cooperation with ARTE Creative.

p.s. Our "One Game A Month" projects are all playable on our webpage majorbueno.com. Enjoy!